What can I commission?

Generally, we can build anything of solid wood and wood-based materials. Combinations of materials are also possible. These include for instance beds, tables, closets, counters, fitted kitchens, bathrooms, and much more. But you can also plan and furnish entire apartments with us.
Contact us or let yourself be inspired by our previous projects and products!

Can I also get advice regarding design?

We gladly also advise you about design.

How fast will I get my furniture?

After the final signed commission (the so-called “technical release”), we need 8-12 weeks until installation.
The actual date depends on the necessary volume of work of your individual project.

Do I have to pick up mount my furniture?

No, we deliver your new furniture and install it directly at your location.
Depending on your requests and arrangement, you may of course also pick up and mount the furniture.

Can I see examples of other projects?

Of course. Just take a look under the menu items Reference Projects or Products or visit us at our store DER RAUM in Dunckerstraße 15.

Where are things manufactured? Can I see the production?

We produce all of our furniture in Berlin-Weißensee. You can get an idea of our production facility and look over the shoulders of our employees at work in our carpentry!

I don’t live in Berlin; can I still be a customer?

Gladly, we deliver through a forwarding agency against a surcharge.

Where does my wood come from? Is the forest clearance controlled?

Our three wood suppliers all come from Germany and have been chosen by us consciously. The wood comes from the EU, although the exact origin can differ from project to project.
Both “ZEG Zentraleinkauf Holz + Kunststoff eG”, thereby also the “Klöpferholz GmbH & Co. KG”, and “Enno Roggemann GmbH & Co. KG” have been certified by FSC® and PEFC® certifications, which both stand for sustainable, legal, ecological, responsible, and controlled forest clearance. These certificates are regularly verified. Furthermore, our suppliers are careful to ensure “handling only with wood and wooden products from undoubted sources” and all have included additional quality control mechanism in their portfolio. You can find more information on the respective online websites of our partners.


More information about the certifications:
FSC® (http://www.fsc-deutschland.de/)
PEFC® (https://pefc.de/)

How do I maintain oiled hard wax surfaces?

Waxed or oiled surfaces are rather high-maintenance compared to varnished surfaces and therefore require regular cleaning and care. Please never use sharp or strongly alkaline cleaning or scouring agents or those containing solvents! Do not use microfiber cloths with a seam as they work like fine sand paper and in the long run ruin the surface.
Daily cleaning can be carried out with a dry, lint-free cloth (e.g., fleece cloth) without a problem. Please do not use moisture during cleaning, maintaining, or freshening the object during the first ten days. In case of stubborn stains, do not hesitate to contact us for advice regarding appropriate care products.

How do I maintain varnished surfaces?

Never use sharp or strongly alkaline cleaning or scouring agents or those containing solvents. Also avoid stagnant moisture as well as microfiber cloths for cleaning your object. These work like fine sand paper and ruin the surface permanently.
For gentle cleaning, we recommend seamless, damp, and lint-free cloths (fleece cloth) or chamois leather. In case of light stains, it is usually enough to clean the surface with water. After cleaning the surface, please rub dry immediately with a dry cloth.
In order to retain the brilliance of high gloss varnished surfaces for years, surfaces should be cleaned regularly. Appropriate care products can be purchased from us upon request!

How do I maintain High Pressure Laminate (HPL) surfaces?

Due to their resistant and hygienically sealed surfaces, HPL coatings do not require special care. They are generally easy to clean; special care products are not necessary. Therefore, please avoid furniture polish and waxy cleaning agents!
During treatment, please use as gentle products as possible; especially, do not use abrasive or grinding cleaning agents! After damp treatment, please dry clean with a soft, clean, absorbent, and dry cloth (paper towel).

How do I maintain natural stone?

For cleaning, commercial glass cleaners with a simple microfiber cloth may be used. For kitchen surfaces, you should use glass cleaners without layer formation.
Please avoid cleaning agents that create a film on your natural stone. These for instance include soap or detergent. These can cause discoloration of the surface as well as impair and attack the structure. Acidic or highly alkaline cleaning agents (e.g., oven cleaners) should also absolutely be avoided.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!