2D+ Architekten

2DPLUS 2015 Team 2313 Markus Bonauer bwMarkus Bonauer, 2D+ Architekten

2D + was founded in 2011 by Markus Bonauer and Michael Bölling and is a design workshop for architecture, urban planning and product design based in Berlin. Together with a team of planners, engineers and craftsmen, 2D + realizes creatively sophisticated and sustainable design solutions for buildings, rooms and products. The work of the office has received numerous prizes and has been continuously published and exhibited at home and abroad.


Club Marginal Architekten

Club Marginal Architekten2 swClub Marginal Architekten

Experienced and well-established community of architects who work on planning and construction tasks in small teams with great care. Club Marginal Architects specialize in housing construction and so-called building in existing buildings. Remodeling and additions, closing the building, additions and attic extensions, but also kitchen, bathroom and furniture planning are part of our repertoire.


OuterRim Architecture

OuterRim ArchitectureOuterRim Architecture

Since 2005, OuterRim have been developing high-quality interior and exterior work: new construction, remodeling and interior fittings for single-family dwellings, apartments, weekend houses and office buildings with a very detailed planning adapted to the client's wishes. In individual and intensive consultation common designs are developed with the clients.