Processing Veneer

At our veneer press the veneers are pressed evenly with an operating pressure of 100 bar.

With a maximum pressing area of ​​2550mm x 1350mm we mainly press deciduous and conifers, but individual wishes are possible without any problems. All veneer work, also HPL, noble veneers, like sliced ​​veneer or saw veneers, do not cause us any problems in the processing by means of electro-hydraulic veneer press. The operating pressure or pressing pressure is around 100 bar, depending on the size of the component. The heated folding press runs with 4 plungers and achieves precise surfaces. In manual preparation, the individual veneer sheets are assembled individually by our carpenters according to the desired veneer pattern. Then we glue the veneers and connect them with glue. Finally, the finishing of the surfaces by pickling, oiling or waxing to increase the resistance, durability and sustainability of the veneers. Funiere made of real wood are also particularly pleasant for a natural living environment and are a very sustainable and efficient raw material according to the initiative veneer + nature.

In our carpentry, we also process decors made of synthetic resin or surface-treated synthetic resin, which are processed waterproof on the carrier material. Decors are also scratch-resistant and can withstand various chemical compounds. In addition, decors have a particular resistance to very high or very low temperature. The raw material, however, unlike veneers, fossil and therefore not biodegradable.

The variety in the range of decors or veneers is almost unlimited due to our production possibilities. Talk to us also with unusual materials!