Solid Surface Processing

Thanks to the malleability and invisible connections, mineral materials offer limitless possibilities.

The material of known brands such as Corian (DuPont) or Hi-Macs (LG) consists of about 1/3 acrylic resin (also known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA) and 2/3 of natural minerals with the main component aluminum hydroxide (ATH), the from bauxite (aluminum ore) is obtained. In compliance with the highest hygiene standards, the material with its translucent and thermal properties enables us to create a non-porous, seam-free and seamless surface during processing in our Berlin carpentry shop. The surfaces are 100% hygienic, homogeneous and acid-resistant and therefore very easy to clean. Solid surface material is therefore particularly suitable for washbasins, sinks, worktops in the kitchen, as well as the health sector. The innovative, very durable and durable material offers an almost unlimited color spectrum and consists exclusively of recyclable components. Solid surface material meets fire protection class B1 and European standards.

The processing of mineral materials is processed like any other wood material in our workshop. Only the polishing process differs, depending on customer requirements and gloss level, compared to the processing of chipboard or solid wood.